Dr. John Cooper (Abbey Antiques) has been an Expert Appraiser on the Canadian Antiques Roadshow (2006-2007) and has conducted many Appraisal Clinics: for Regina Government House, Thunder Bay Museum, Dryden Museum, Fort Francis Business Association, the Manitoba Antique Association, and  numerous one-evening appraisal clinics throughout Manitoba.

With his extensive experience and knowledge of current market values, Dr. Cooper is well qualified to provide all                                                                                 services for your antiques collecting.


Buying and Selling Antiques

                                                                 "Where do you get these wonderful antiques ?"                             
A question often asked…. Quite simply, I buy them!  At fair prices both for you, the seller, and for me, the dealer.                                        For a good transaction, each party must be satisfied.

Customer service

yOur customer service is important to us, as well as to you.  We have been, and always will be, dedicated to our customers and to providing a pleasant shopping experience for the antiques you desire.