Miscellaneous :

Item #: 8920


French bronze champlevé inkstand c. 1870.

Fired multicolour enamels cover all upper surfaces in recessed spaces to create elaborate rococo design.

Size 14.5" wide, 8.5" deep.

PRICE: $1,375.

With 2 hinge-cover inkwells holding original glass liners.

Support for dip-pen provided by 2 C-scroll rests. All on 4 ball feet.

All in Excellent Condition.


Item 9084

GorhamTray1Copper Gorham tray inlaid with 3 sterling silver birds.

gorham mixed-metal small tray

Lovely heavy tray 8.25" x 6.5" with 3 inset sterling birds, engraved with reeds along the bottom. No lifting of sterling. 1 pencil-point dent to the center bottom (Looks like seedpod at end of bent stem).


Gorham date code for 1869. Polished to remove small corrosions; back not cleaned.

Price: $275.


Front will reoxidize nicely.


Item #: 6595

DigiPhoto 05 Andirons1a

19th c andirons

Pair of Aesthetic movement 19th C andirions, c. 1870-1880. Cast brass pierced  roundels 7.5" diameter; stand overall 25" high on hand-made wrought iron frames.

Measure 29" overall front-to-back, taking a very deep fireplace !

Unmarked, but of obvious quality.


Price: $1,175 pair.

DigiPhoto 05 Andirons1b


Item #: 8731


Carved Box

Finely-carved fruit-wood dresser box 12.5" wide

Hand-made in Milan, Italy, c.1900. Wonderful detail !

Signed to bottom.
Interior finished, but not lined; you choose with what !

Price: $1,250.



Item #:1559

DigiPhoto 04 A&CInkwell

Arts & Crafts Inkwell

Heavy cast brass arts & Crafts inkstand.
Hinged lid to inkwell with hand-made brass liner (not original), 12" wide at front.

Large area for dip-pens, 2 side areas for accessories (stamps, nibs).

Price: $245.



Item #: 6589

DigiPhoto 06 andirons2

Brass Andirons

Pair of large cast brass or bronze chenets (fire dogs or andirons) in full-blown Rococo Louis XV style; 16.5" high.

American made.
Iron cross-bar stamped "Sheffield N.Y. 163 L" and "…..R".

Price: $1,250 pair.



Item #: JC8

SteiffSeaLion1Steiff display model life-size sea lion cub ! !

Steiff Sea Lion

With spotted coat typical for young pups, this is 35" long, 17" high.
Bears 9/16" metal Steiff button and yellow cloth tag #1179/04; this model was discontinued in 1982.

From non-smoking household, this is in lovely played-with condition, not dirty nor worn.
Left eye replaced with glossy wood eye, properly hooked into place….looks good !

Price: $400.



Item #: 7319



Russian Silver & Enamel Vodka Set

Decanter & 6 small footed cups for Vodka, all on 7.25" diameter tray on 3 ball feet. Overall 9" high.

Each of gilt sterling silver with fired enamel cloisonné floral designs.

Each piece marked for Moscow after 1918, and for retailer Birks (Canada).





Item #: 2513

Russian Plaque1

Russian fired enamel plaque 3.75" x 2.5" mounted in elaborate silver frame 6" x 3.5" overall.

russian enamel

Russian Plaque2

On curved copper sheet with counter-enamel back to prevent warping in the kiln.

Price: $ 245.

Russian Plaque3

Not signed;  hand-painted scene of "onion-dome" buildings in the snow.



Item # JC18


Life-size display model of seated adult leopard.

Steiff Leopard

Largest size made by Steiff, Germany

Body is 37" long, 24" high, plus 27" tail = 64" overall. Glass eyes, original metal button and yellow fabric tag.


Condition lovely, from non-smoking household; I have owned for 22 years.

Price: $625.