Crystal :


Item # 3016


Clear crystal jug mounted with Arts & Crafts pewter by WMF.

WMF presentation jug

14" tall, 5" diam. base. The glass beautifully engraved with presentation inscription in German for 1910.


"Kaiser Huldigungs / und XI / Wahr- Handesschiessen / Wahr-Schonberg / 1910"

Price $950.



Item # 8947



Steuben tazza

Clear crystal flat taza 8" diam. 2.25" high on short stem with 2.5+ flat foot.

Flat dish with raised rim attaches to stem with wave-like scrolls. Engraved to foot "Steuben".

Wonderful flawless crystal rings like a bell !!

Price $225.



Item # 5138


orrefors cut crystal vase

Clear crystal cut & polished vase 11" tall om 2.25" diam. foot. Body deeply cut with 7 curved segmants, and top cut with 9 flutes.

The reverse has single vertical flute to a "flower-head" desiign.

Foot inscribed "Orrefors DA 3284".

Price $295.



Item # 8435


victorian ale glass

Victorian clear laed crystal ale glass c.1850. Stands 7.75" high with 3.25" diam. mouth; tapered body lower 1/2 cut with 10 polished flutes, on short heavy stem with 3.25" diam. foot.

Lovely clear "flint" glass rings like a bell !.

No chips, no cracks, no scratches; clouded ring to underfoot from 150+ years of use; any beer tastes great from this !

Price $125.



Item # 0559

6 Birks sherbets, cut & polished

lead crystal by Birks, Canada.



Each has 3.5" mouth and is 3.75" high, on hexagonal cut stem with mid-knop, all on 2.75" diam. star-cut foot.

Lovely clear "flint" glass, each rings like a bell !.

Mint condition, never used ! Each retains original Birks applied label to top of foot.!

Price $105 all six.



 Coloured :

Item # JC9

abbey antiques, durand lamp,winnipeg

Durand lamp Base

Rare Art Glass lamp base, glass by Durand
(Vineland Flint Glassworks, N.J., 1924-31).

Glass is 11.5" high, with original metal base, stem & sockets, overall 21.5" high.

Clear amber glass with cobalt & opal "pulled feather" design, and floral engraving.

Price: $1,500.



Item # 8107


Kew Blas Shades (four)

Set of 4 Art Glass shades by Kew Blas (Union Glass Co., Somerville MA) c. 1920.

Each is 6" tall, 4" diam. mouth, 2.25" fitter rim. Opal ground with soft green pulled feather design, edged with yellow/ gold.

Inside lined with lovely gold-Aurene type iridescence with purple highlights.

Price: $1,250 (4).



Item # 6384


signed Loetz Vase

Signed Loetz vase 8.5" high, 6 applied leaves and berries.

Iridescent surface in Candia mit Silberiris Blatter = "Gloria" (Serie II 7578-7601, dating c.1910-1911).

Correct signature for export, but dating post-1903.

Price: $1,900



Item # 3480


Murano Shades

Pair of Art Glass bullet-shape Murano lamp shades, each of clear and bright red glass cased over opal ground, pulled into feather-like "peppermint" design while hot.

Each is 6" high, 4" diameter, with 2.25" fitter rim.

One shade bears metallic label for Murano firm A.V.M (Alfredo Barbini des.).

Price: $650 pair.



Item # 3758


Schneider Glass Tazza

Large Art Glass tazza (flat comport) by Schneider, 15" diameter top, mottled orange and green, 4.5" high on purple striped stem and low-domed foot 5" diam.  with polished pontil.

Signed correctly to upper foot surface engraved  "Schneider" in script.

Price $1,650.



Item # 8861


WMF Green Claret

Simply the best ! Silverplate pewter mounts raise this claret jug to the best expression of full Art Nouveau design !

Mouth-blown, hand-formed emerald-green glass jug is mounted in flowing Art Nouveau design, 16.5" to lid finial, 6" diameter glass base.

Fully impressed for WMF on one foot. Fabulous condition.

Price: $2,500.



Item # 8180


large fostoria glass shade

Green-on-opal pulled feather design rimmed with gold; lined with gold "Aurene"-type interior.

Rare large size, 8" high, 8" fluted rim, 3.25" fitter rim.

Spectacular, whether lit or unlit !

Price: $995.



Item # 6682

DuganVase 1

dugan vase, "venetian"

Blown in mold, hand-formed and mouth pulled while hot into 3 "corners", a wonderful iridescent surface glass vase by Dugan Glass Co., (Indiana, PA).

Corroded iridized surface, slightly opalescent metal, only made 1905 – 1907, their "Venetian" series..

Stands 6.75" high, 3" diam. base.

Price: $ 275.

Dugan Vase 2


Item # 4188


Sapphire blue "gluk-gluk" decanter

Mouth-blown into square-form mold, then manipulated while still hot to form 4 hollow tubes connected to body, this liquor decanter will make a gurgling sound when the contents are poured (hence the name "Gluk-Gluk" bottle).

Lovely brilliant clear sapphire glass, with original crystal clear stopper, it stands 10.5" high on 3.5" square base. Wonderful condition, no damages.  Made c.1910.

Price: $ 155.



Item # jc 27


French opal bowl silver stand

Mouth-blown French opaline glass bowl c.1870 with applied cobalt rim 6.6" diameter, 6.75" high on sterling base 4.75" square incl. ball feet.

Thinly worked sterling silver base, not signed but tested, bottom weighted with period resin.

Price: $ 395.



Item # jc 28

val st lambert candlesticks, pair

 PAIR  glass candlesticks, each with cranberry over clear stem, cut & polished to clear. Each 6" high on round base, one 2.75", other 3.25" diameter.  

Lovely brilliant clear glass, each with inscribed mark to base.

Price: $ 155.  pair.