Item # 7049





Great pair of bust portraits , each oil on canvas 10" x 8" sight in original gilded deep frames with several gold-paint overcoats.

Either:  a) father & son,    or         b) as young/ old man.

Price: $995.

Young man's uniform seems early 1800s, but frames 1850s. Hence, b) more likely.


Item # 3511


Russian Icon 1

Hand-painted over engraved gesso on solid wood panel 7/8" thick, 12" x  10". St.Peter and St.Paul  (worn name panels); St. Peter holds keys to the Kingdom, St. Paul holds Book of the Gospels. Rescued from Lithuania 1995.

Moscow school c.1850; back keepers long lost.

In neo-Russian style, incised & painted to simulate enameling.

Price: $ 1,895.


Item # 3513

Russian Icon 2

Russian icon c. 1850, academic Moscow school, on solid Pallisandr wood block, size 14" x 10.5" x 1.5" thick.

Guardian angel holds a cross and a sword, atop stylized clouds. Left side shows life and death of a pious man, right side shows life and death of a desolate man.

Rescued from Lithuania 1995, professionally conserved 1997.

Price: $ 1,750.


Item # 6565


Russian Icon 3

Russian orthodox icon c. 1820; centre shows the Resurrection & Descent of Christ, bordered by the 12 great Church Feasts.

Hand-painted on gesso over wood block (curved with age, but not cracked), 14" x 12" x 1+" thick.

Keepers lost decades ago; reverse with scratched Cyrillic inscription. Enlarge photo 2 to read.

Price: $ 795.


Item # JC15


Miles Birkett Foster Watercolour

Rustic seaside scene, watercolour by Miles Birkett Foster (1825-1899), excellent depiction of 2 young girls discovering nature.

Sight size 6.75" x 4.75", framed c. 1900 11.5" x 9.5", untouched since.

Note monogram, lower right.

Price: $1,100.


 Prints :

ITEM # 7917


Set of 5 WoodBlock Prints

Set of 5 Japanese original woodblock prints by Yoshitsuyo c. 1850. Each is 13" x 9" sight, depicting the storming of a castle.

Each in modern frames c. 1970.

PRICE: $1,500 the set of 5


Each with wonderful details, including extensive Japanese describing scene.


 Sculpture :

Item # 9069

A.Carrier Belleuse c.1880.


Bronze figure, lady reading a book. Original light brown patina, great detail ! 13" high on 4.5" diam. marble base, 14.25" overall. Original, not a modern  reproduction ! Exquisite detail (see dress).


Base of bronze signed "A.Carrier Belleuse" (1824-1887).

Price: $2,400.



Item # JC1



Cold-painted spelter Art Deco figure of dancer "en pointe" in fancy dress, wearing fancy headdress, 11" tall including shellacked marble base 4.5" diameter.

Embossed under left hem of dress "Pat.Pending 1930"

Minor wear to nose tip reveals pewter. Unmarked; probably Austrian.

Price: $ 435.


Item # 9037


J. Ruhl Art deco figurine

Cold-painted cast spelter Art Deco figure of Little Bo Peep, with simulated  ivory face of celluloid, 5.75" high on alabaster base.

Unmarked, but known model by J.Ruhl, thus probably Austrian.

Paint flakes, substantially good condition.

Price: $ 145.


Item # 9038


J. Ruhl Art deco figurine

Cold-painted cast spelter Art Deco figure of Tom Sawyer, with simulated  ivory face but pewter, 6.5" high on 2" turned alabaster base.

Figure impressed at back  J.Ruhl, thus Austrian. Bottom of base engraved "Made in Italy 853"

Paint flakes, but substantially good condition.

Price: $ 125.



item # 8981

bronze figurine shevchenko

Cast bronze sculpture of Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko figure, famous Ukrainian poet (1814-1861). This 12" high figure  c. 1925  is a model from the famous statue in Lviv. 

Facsimile in-mold signature in Cyrillic to front plinth.

2014 is the 200th anniversary of his birth ! 


Price: $ 495.


item # 5981JanosBustA

bronze figurine arany janos

Cast bronze sculpture bust of  Arany Janos, famous Hungarian poet (1817-1882). This 7" high bronze c. 1910 has fine, beautiful detail with original dark brown patina. 

Sits on marble base 4.25" high, 11.25" overall.

Not signed, unfortunately.


Price: $ 495.