chinese :

      Item # 4040

Chinese rosewood display/ storage cabinet, 2-piece construction.

Chinese Display Cabinet

42.5" wide top 40" high, sits upon 32" high bottom. Made by traditional

Chinese cabinetry techniques c. 1900.

Carved fron solid Hongmu (rosewood) to simulate bamboo.

Price: $3,500.

      Item # 8984


Chinese Soapstone1

Chinese soapstone sculpture, deeply carved and pierced,

Monumental size, excellent workmanship, early 20th C.

    24.5" high, 15" wide. 7" deep.

Chinese large soapstone sculpture

Base has lotus leaves and 3 carp below water, above water has lotus flowers and ripe rice plants, and a full figure crab !

Chinese Soapstone2

Price: $2,800.

Chinese Soapstone3

Lovely condition; weight over 40 lb.


Item # 8138ChineseLady1

 Serpentine jade lady figurine

Beautiful Chinese lady, carved in serpentine jade, 5.5" high (lacking a stand).

Detailed carving from solid piece of translucent light green/ yellow, with flowing robes and feathers.

Unsigned, 20th C.   Lovely condition.

Price: $165.



Item # 8138ChineseGlassBowl1

peking glass bowl

Beautiful clear emerald green Peking glass bowl, only 2.75" diam. mouth, 2" high, mounted in shaped brass and copper frame with 1.25" diam. base.

Frame has 2 applied butterflies and flowers; bottom bears 4-character mark.

Unsigned, early 20th C.   Lovely condition.

Price: $125.


japanese :

Item # 4040CloisPorcVase1  Autumnal colours, large bird and leaves.

Large Totai Vases (cloisonne on Porcelain)

A pair, each 14.5" high.



Price : $3,500 pair.


One is perfect, other with hairline, minor line damage to cloisonne. 



Item # 4040 Arita Vase       Rare Genuine Arita hand-painted porcelain c.1780.  Heavy French .950 silver pierced collar with handles, round foot collar.

18th c. Arita .950 French silver mounts.

Silver is marked for export from France, 1858 and later.

Arita Vase2


Price: On Request.

Arita Vase3

30" high, ~ 50 lb. weight.

Item # 4040DigiPhoto 61 JapBronzeBowl

Japanese Dragon Bowl

Large Japanese cast bronze bowl c. 1875, 14" diameter, with relief dragon winding around, its body forming two open handles.

Inside bottom feaures cast bronze mirror backing in detail relief (see next photo).

Price: $ 2,500.


ITEM # 7917
5 WoodBlock Prints    Set of 5 original Japanese woodblock prints by Yoshitsuyo c. 1850. Each is 13" x 9" sight, depicting the storming of a castle. Each in modern frame c. 1970.


PRICE: $1,500 the set of 5

Each with wonderful details, including extensive Japanese describing scene.



ITEM # 7917KutaniiVase

Relief-carved dragon, hand-painted garden scene

Large Kutani Floor Vase

  Reverse with basket of flowers.


Price: $ 2,400.


30" high, 11" diameter body & ruffled top.




ITEM # 8982JapBronzeVaseA

Large Bronze Vase

Striking bronze vase 15" high, 6" greatest diameter, with high-relief chrysanthemums on rock, and moth.

Japanese inscription to base "..?.. naga"

Wonderful detail !!

Price: $ 395.


ITEM # 7766JapWC1

Large Japanese Watercolor, Village life

Hand-painted en grissaille watercolour scene of early 19th C Japanese village life with inhabitants in their various occupations; painted c. 1900.

Measures 18" x 23" sight in 1930s frame; original hand-coloured additions.

price : $1,295.


Wonderful detail !!