My Current View

My Current View

Why Collect Antiques ?

On one level, we collect to deny our mortality; if we have not yet finished a collection, why should we die ?

On another level, we decrease the entropy (chaos) in our individual universes by collecting, thus creating more order (lower entropy)..

On the most basic level, we collect for enjoyment ! Don’t we all like the things we collect ? Collecting antiques fulfills this need. Things our parents and grandparents liked; we emulate their preferences, but with our own tastes (you must not borrow taste; but form your own).

Antiques are not merely old, they are timeless, reflecting past lives, tastes, designs, desires, applications, and societies. We collect for our enjoyment of all that.

I urge you to enjoy collecting and using antiques;  I use them daily, cooking with 100 year old bowls, drinking from 200 year old glasses, putting fresh flowers into 300 year old vases. These objects were made to be used…..and It’s fun !!

Enjoy collecting antiques !

Next time: Are Antiques Investments ?”

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